Who is letterbox

Letterbox was conceived on the ideal that music is the common thread that connects us. It’s the beauty and romance behind this connection that makes Letterbox who they are.

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, the band has been under the current formation and direction since late 2017. The project started as a creative outlet for musicians from various bands from the east coast to the west. It wasn’t until the creation of what is the band’s first single, “Move Me”, that they realized their different backgrounds and inspirations created something unique, with a positive message to share. Somewhere in the space between rock, emo, hardcore, punk, and pop is where Letterbox exists. From loud screaming guitars, to thick palm mutes, dynamic rhythms, floating melodies, and catchy hooks, the band has started to carve a position in the Baltimore music scene.

The single, “Move Me” was released independently on December 14, 2018. To bring the song to life, the band tapped producer and Mae frontman Dave Elkins. Over the course of a week, the team worked at Schematic Studios in Nashville, TN. With a focus on soundscaping, dramatic scene changes, and a triumphant message to convey, the group created something that has a throwback familiarity with present day relevance.

In September 2019, the band released their second single, “Through Days.”

After hitting a PAUSE during the pandemic and lockdown, they quickly got back to work and released their third single, “Death of Me” on New Years Day 2022.